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Acinonyxphobia is the fear of cheetahs. People who suffer from it are afraid of anything that resembles a feline with spots on it. Meaning that they can also be scared by leopards and jaguars just because they look like a cheetah, although the fear of them is less impressive than the latter, as they don't look exactly a cheetah. Causes for this phobia can be attributed to the fact that Cheetahs are carnivorous felines that run very fast. This image in colloquial terms is that even if you are far away from them, they will still catch you and try to eat you, no matter how quick you are. They are known to hunt creatures much larger than humans, like ostriches.

Treatment for this disorder can be stating that Cheetahs tire out really quickly. They aren't really known for running long distances, so explaining that could help the person suffering from it feel better, especially if they live outside of Africa and Iran, where Cheetahs live. To add on, Cheetahs are a vulnerable species, meaning that you aren't likely to see them as much as you would see a bear, or rabbit, even if you live in their habitat.

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