Aftokratorikimonadaphobia is the fear of imperial or American units of measurement.


Imperial Units with Individual Phobias[edit | edit source]

Length[edit | edit source]

  • Inch: Intsaphobia
  • Foot: Metrisipodiophobia
  • Yard: Metrisiavdiphobia
  • Mile: Miliphobia

Mass[edit | edit source]

  • Dram: Dramiphobia
  • Ounce: Ounkiaphobia
  • Pound: Livraphobia
  • Hundredweight: Ekatovarophobia
  • Ton: Tonomazaphobia

Capacity[edit | edit source]

  • Minim: Imitoniophobia
  • Fl. dram: Refstophobia
  • Teaspoon: Koutalakitouglykouphobia
  • Tablespoon: Koutalitisoupaphobia
  • Cubic inch: Kyvikintsaphobia
  • Fl. ounce: Ygrioungiaphobia
  • Cup: Metrisiskypellophobia
  • Pint: Pintaphobia
  • Quart: Tetartogaloniouphobia
  • Gallon: Galoniphobia
  • Cubic foot: Kyvikopodiphobia

Imperial Activity Phobias[edit | edit source]

  • Fear of gallons at gas stations: Galonivenzinadikophobia
  • Fear of people giving you their height in feet and inches: Podikaintsonypsosatomouphobia
  • Fear of people giving you their weight in pounds: Varosolirasatomonophobia
  • Fear of speed limits put in mph: Milionanaoraphobia
  • Fear of signs putting distances to another city in miles: Simadimilíophobia
  • Fear that imperial will take over the world: Planititouaftokratorikousystímatophobia
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