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The phobia of the Youtube content creator and channel Allah Vlogs. At least 3 people have reported to suffer from this phobia, all within the state of New Jersey, U.S.A., with possibly more existing in other places around the world. The cause of this phobia is currently unknown, and there are no scientists researching it at this time, as there is not much need to due to the low amount of people who suffer from this phobia. This phobia is quite recent, with the first case reported on February 26, 2021.

AllahVlogsPhobia is an easily avoidable phobia, as one who suffers from this can simply avoid accessing the Youtube channel Allah Vlogs, and they will be safe from the dangers of the illness. It is however, quite strange that this particular youtube channel would cause anyone to suffer from an irrational fear of it, as it is not a channel that posts any content that is particularly fear-inducing, and it is not normal for anyone to be afraid of a Youtube channel. It is also noteworthy to mention that despite the number of people who suffer from AllahVlogsPhobia being quite small, that number still constitutes more than 3% of Allah Vlogs' 89 subscribers at the time of writing this, so it is unknown how many people could end up suffering from this phobia, should Allah Vlogs' channel gain more viewers and subscribers. This phobia has the potential to affect millions of people, so it would be best if the channel Allah Vlogs did not grow.

This is all that is currently known about AllahVlogsPhobia. If you have any more information or sources that can help us, please add them to this article, or contact us. All information is appreciated.

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