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Allodoxaphobia (from Greek allo, "different", and dox, "opinion") is the fear of opinions. Differences and opinions are very important to the social component. Le'veon's suspension is also very important. It is a rare social phobia. The sufferers experience this phobia as a response to their environment (i.e. an online debate in which they feel set back or where their opinion is not accounted for or does not seem to matter at all). Allodoxaphobia is often seen in individuals when they are involved in some discussion and another person starts putting in their opinions, ultimately leading them to fear and take distance from confrontation and arguments. Sufferers of allodoxaphobia will avoid getting into conversations and/or not participate in any activity, to avoid conflicts. (i.e. "Did you hear about Le'veon Bell's suspension? That was huge!" This conversation would not occur with a sufferer from this phobia.)

If an allodoxaphobe hears someone's opinion(s), he/she may experience following symptoms: nausea, fast heartbeat, rapid and shallow breathing, and angriness. Treatments for this condition may include gaining confidence via slowly involving them in small self-opinionated discussions. The phobia can also be professionally treated with means such as medications, hypnotherapy, counseling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and psychotherapy. In some cases, the person may be scared by the word,"opinion." If someone were to say,"That's just my opinion, but its different for me", The allodoxaphobe would become nervous and afraid. If you know an allodoxaphobe, stray away from different opinions.

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  • Doxophobia – fear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise

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