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Angelophobia is the fear of angels.

Although angels are benevolent spirits, they have been known to smite the wicked. An angelophobe may worry that angels will deem them sinful and smite them, damning them to an eternity in Hell.

Some angelophobic people are unsettled by the appearance of angels. The common portrayal of angels in media—humans with bird wings and halos—is rarely triggering to the phobia, but the biblical incarnations of angels are much more frightening, describing them as incomprehensible masses of eyes, wings, enormous halos, and blinding light.

The fear is associated with many others. The most common association is uranophobia, or the fear of Heaven, where angels are said to reside. Others include the fear of flying (aviophobia), light (photophobia), birds (ornithophobia), and eyes ( ommetaphobia).

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