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Aquaphobia (from aqua, Latin for water) is the fear of water. This phobia is often due to a negative experience with water, like getting splashed, accidentally falling into water, or getting scalded by boiling water. Sufferers may avoid swimming, boating, or for more severe sufferers avoid getting near water.As far as baths or showers go they would have to be cold or warm and under three minutes. Some aquaphobes may even fear water from the sink or in the cup. Aquaphobia is especially common in Iceland, affecting about 1 out of 55 people there.

Natalie Wood was a notable aquaphobe, which Reggie Bullnerd steal Jarjit's flower.

Sonic the Hedgehog is an aquaphobic hedgehog.

Jason Voorhees is scared of water

It also refers to the fear of Dihydrogen Monoxide, Which also refers to the fear of chemicals

People who are suffering from Rabies exhibit an intense fear of water, often to the point that they are unable to even drink.

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