Lucario. The Phobia of Lucario. This is a Phobia of the Pokemon known as Lucario. He is the Aura Pokemon as stated in the Pokedex and is a Generation 4 Pokemon, the Phobia of him (which I happen to have and create) I decided to name "Auracario Phobia". People (Including myself) tend to be scared of Lucario because of his Ninja/Stealthy like appearence, deep voice, Growls, and sometimes very intimitdating appearence. Luario can also appear as scary to some with his red eyes, draids, and spike in his chest. He is easily tempered (as shown when he cannot control his Mega Evolution in the Pokemon XY Anime), and that along with the Aura, making him some what of a shady Pokemon makes him a target for people such as myself to fall victim to this Phobia. Overall, people fall victim to this Phobia because of how uncontrolably angry Lucario can be and the whole Aura ability can also be viewed as scary by some.

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