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Ayoquodpizzahicphobia, or the "ayo the pizza here" phobia, is an irrational fear of tripping down a set of stairs while retrieving the pizza delivery man. The first known diagnosis of this condition were in early 2016, after a vine which detailed a man falling down a set of stairs while trying to retrieve his pizza aired.

Victims of this phobia describe a compulsive urge to watch this popular vine at seemingly random times, although in some cases it can be explained by environmental cues, such as seeing the word "pizza" printed on a piece of paper. Once they start watching the popular vine, they will then partake in maniacal, unstoppable laughter. A healthcare provider will need to body-slam the patient until knocked out to stop the patient from asphyxiating. A reported amount of 14 patients have died in this manner.

If a patient sees a flight of stairs, class A1 protocol will need to be launched immediately to terminate the patient. The patient starts by screaming "OH N*GGA" and throwing themselves at the nearest stairwell. If the patient survives, they will go on a psychopathic rampage; ripping apart anything and killing anyone that resembles a pizza or a flight of stairs in any shape or form. If the patient is left alive for too long; they will cause incredulous damage such as killing civilians, damaging buildings, and committing mass acts of arson. Guns do NOT work on the patient, even when shot directly through the brain. The only known way to terminate the patient is to launch a 57mm M1 Antitank Gun directly at the patients respiratory organs. Why this and only this Antitank gun is able to terminate the patient is unknown.

Neurological differences are very noticeable in the brain of Ayoquodpizzahicphobia patients. MRI scans show that their brains tend to be shaped cylindrical at the bottom but narrowing to a small point at the top, like a pizza. Treatment is near-impossible, but new scientific breakthroughs have made it easier to deal with urges to watch the vine.