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It is believe there are two kinds of B.H.P:

Fear and Aversion.


Also known as type number 1, those who falls into this type would display great fear, as they will become extremely cowardice towards brutal honesty people's words. They would also intended to avoid them at all caused.


This is the dangerous, and also the second type of B.H.P.

Unlike type number 1, this isn't a fear, but rather an aversion, hatred, and violent tendency kind. B.H.P (also known as Brutally Honest Phobia) is a state when peoples who suffer this kind of phobia would view brutally honest individuals as consistently rude, cruel, sardonic, nihilistic, boring, bias, toxic, unforgivable, bullying, and very unsympathetic. There are high chances they would even display extreme hostility/violence, paranoia and mischievousness towards brutally honest individuals.

As such, if a Brutal Honesty person ever tries to comment on another person of the part where they dislike something about them, which hurts their feelings, they will find many ways to get back on what that brutal honesty person had said, sometimes they may go to extreme lengths to get the last laugh by either humiliating those individuals, or being extremely violent to assault those peoples until they had enough.

For those who said, "Hey! She's just brutally honest," those who suffer this phobia will not take that as a good reason, and they would ignore it and see it as a type of unfair excuse to support someone who they thoughted to be insulting them.

Signs of knowing this is either seeing those peoples scolding, and continue to behave extremely immature, and irresponsible, as they would ignore other's advice, and words that would improve their life in the future, and began to do whatever they want according to their context, and tendency.

It can be call by names such as:

Phobia of Brutal Honesty.

The fear of Brutal Honesty.

or the Aversion, and hatred of Brutal Honesty.