Biaphobia is the fear of exclusive rules telling you you can't eat something. Biaphobia sufferers would insist on eating the food, like peanuts to be common.

Biaphobia alert.

Common biases[edit | edit source]

  • Arapikofistikibiaphobia: peanut
  • Paximadidentroubiaphobia: tree nut
  • Avgobiaphobia: egg
  • Sogiabiaphobia: soy
  • Galaktokomeiobiaphobia: dairy

NFPA 704 Blue square bias types[edit | edit source]

  • Ipiobiaphobia: 1xx-x fire diamonds, usually a fat lip
  • Metriobiaphobia: 2xx-x fire diamonds, usually a fat lip or a few hives
  • Sovarobiaphobia: 3xx-x fire diamonds, usually a body-wide hives (high breakout)
  • Afstirobiaphobia: 4xx-x fire diamonds, usually a high breakout or anaphalaxis at full concentrate
  • Polyafstirobiaphobia: 5xx-x fire diamonds (hypothetical), ususally a type 4 payload at <1% dilute
  • Viologikoukindynoubiaphobia: xxx-BIO fire diamonds on bias

Payloads[edit | edit source]

  • Anafylaxiphobia: anaphylactic shock
  • Cacomochilophobia: fat lip
  • Knidosisomaphobia: body hives
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