• Crev29

    I Have a fear

    May 26, 2018 by Crev29


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  • DuncanAndTheCoolKids

    Hello, I'm new to this wikipedia, Let me tell you about myself. I'm an autistic 14 year old fan of The Shadow Reader, I made this post to describe what caused me to be like this.  I would like to share to you that I have a fear of a roblox friend named HiyoriTamura, I am not sure why I get scared around him but I know the fear name. Hiyoriphobia. Sketchy name if you look at it today, I'm easily afraid whenever hes's around. I'm only afraid when i'm around him or when I sense his presence, The fear started on feburary 20th 2018 and its been like that ever since.


    (Used For the Photo)

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  • Createsans

    Admin rights to Createsans

    December 31, 2017 by Createsans

    Hey, okay, I may not be here often, but there are quite a few pages that need deleted that aren't being handled fast enough.

    If you want examples of how admin-like I am on a professional information site, go to the Eddsworld Wiki and look around :)

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  • Cherryflower39

    Furuba Another!

    April 5, 2016 by Cherryflower39

    I. Am. Sooo. EXCITED! I can't believe that Natsuki Takaya decided to make a sequel to Fruits Basket! It's called Fruits Basket Another, and so far I think 7 chapters have been translated to english. I can't wait for the eighth! Yay!

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