Bloonopygrosoamynaphobia is the fear of Bloons Tower Defense.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Origibloonopygrosoamynaphobia-fear of original BTD
  • Defterobloonopygroamynaphobia-fear of BTD2
  • Tritobloonopygrosoamynaphobia-fear of BTD3
  • Tetartosobloonopygroamynaphobia-fear of BTD4
  • Epektasitetartosobloonopygroamynaphobia-fear of BTD4 Expansion
  • Pemptosobloonopygroamynaphobia-fear of BTD5
  • Luxuriopemptosobloonopygroamynaphobia-fear of BTD5 Deluxe
  • Aftokratoriabloonopygroamynaphobia-fear of BMC
  • Belloabloonopygoamynaphobia-fear of BTD Battles
  • Bloonogeniasofandomiaphobia-fear of BCoW (Bloons Conception Wiki)
  • Ektosobloonopygoamynaphobia-fear of BTD6
  • Bloonohyperarchiepiskoposophobia-fear of BSM
  • Defterobloonohyperarchiepiskoposophobia-fear of BSM2
  • Bloonoperipeteiachronolopygroamynaphobia-fear of BATTD

Bloon Fears[edit | edit source]

  • Erythrobloonophobia-fear of red bloons
  • Cyanobloonophobia-fear of blue bloons
  • Prasinobloonophobia-fear of green bloons
  • Xanthobloonophobia-fear of yellow bloons
  • Rhodobloonophobia-fear of pink bloons
  • Melanobloonophobia-fear of black bloons
  • Leukobloonophobia-fear of white bloons
  • Durumetallobloonophobia-fear of lead bloons
  • Zebrabloonophobia-fear of zebra bloons
  • Iridobloonophobia-fear of rainbow bloons
  • Kelyfosobloonophobia-fear of ceramic bloons
  • Megaloskafosobloonophobia-fear of MOABs
  • Tenatoepiphelonomegalobloonophobia-fear of BFBs
  • Terastioepipleonoskafobloonophobia-fear of ZOMGs
  • Sonisaoratosobloonophobia-fear of DDTs
  • Megaloterasomorilobloonophobia-fear of BADs
  • Aoratosobloonophobia-fear of camouflauge bloons
  • Episkeviobloonophobia-fear of regrower bloons
  • Ochyromenobloonophobia-fear of fortified bloons
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