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Carcerophobia (from Latin carcer meaning "prison, jail") is the fear of prison. Anybody can suffer this fear even though they done nothing illegal in their lives. Sufferers would usually have obsessive thoughts about what's the life is like in the prison. Many carcerophobes would feel worry about spending the rest of the life in the prison the most. Sufferers would do everything to stay out of trouble. They may be afraid for parents or other family member to call the police. If the sufferer did a little misbehaving thing or even did something bad accidentally, they may panic in terror, with symptoms like sweating, obsessive worries, rapid breathing, and sense of being trapped. Seeing the police officer or even seeing the police car from a distance may also cause them to panic.

The phobia is often treated most using relaxation stragedies, or with other methods like cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychotherapy.

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