Chiclephobia is the fear of chewing gum.

☀Chiclephobia is a rare specific phobia that manifests in a variety of ways.likely to have a fear of: chewing gum themselves. Coming close to a person chewing gum. The sight of previously chewed gum.People Can get it when can just feel physically sick when they are near it and sometime the can throw up or have a upset stomach or when they touch it step on it.  People can discover it when they start to get all squirmy and sick and they don't feel as themselves and sometimes the can have a upset stomach.  People aren't buying gum and some people started to look in it and the that is when they realized. People themselves have realized that and once more people got together and called it a name. When people get near gum they feel disgusted and uncomfortable and really really sick and they try not to be mean and they try to tell the person next to the that the don't really like gum and maybe that person with respect their wish or not.  People with Chiclephobia should know to keep their distances  

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