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Chrometophobia or chrematophobia is the fear of money. Chrometophobia is derived from the Greek word chrimata, which means money, and phobos, meaning fear. Chrometophobia is not only about physical handling of money but also about having money and its value. Sufferers tend to be homeless while not buy anything.

The fear is more complicated than it seems. It can be related to the pressures of managing money. Those who have less money are also prone to suffering chrometophobia, thinking about how little the money they have will make them feel anxious and will become their undesirable focus which will later affect their lives.

Symptoms of a panic attack include dizziness, sweating, numbness and confusion are the common symptoms of chrometophobic.

Breaking free from the fear of money may need some hard work and education. Attending classes that will assist in managing practical budgets is a big help in gaining control over the fears. Cognitive therapy is used to alleviate panic attack so it can encounter the trigger without much of a hitch.

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