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Coimetrophobia (from Greek coimetro, meaning burial place) is the fear of cemeteries and it is a common phobia. Cemeteries are where dead bodies are buried and thus people wsith this phobia attending graveyards would be reminded that they must die eventually since humans have finite lifespans. They may also be frightened of the idea of the dead rising from their graves. The fear can be eased by believing in God, reincarnation, or afterlife.

The causes of fear include watching horror films, such as Stephen King's Pet Sematary, and Halloween rituals involving skeletons and tombstones. Sufferers would refuse to attend funerals.

Coimetrophobes may fear decomposition, decay, and even getting buried alive. A number of sufferers try to extend their lifespans by exercising and consuming proper nutrients.

Symptoms of panic attacks include dizziness/vertigo, headaches, and sensing doom when around graveyards and tombstones.

Education, especially philosophy about death, is used to cope with the fear. Hypnotism and yoga are the examples of treatment used to soothe the fear. The remaining options are panic treatment and medication, used to help increase wellness, fortune, and comfort while eliminating worry, stress and troublesome.

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