Coprastasophobia (from Greek conpro, "feces", and Latin sta, "fixed") is the fear of constipation. Coprastasophobia can be the result of an existing medical condition such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Once a person is enduring some digestive difficulties, they become ill, pale and sluggish. Fears of weight gain or simple vanity (avoiding unattractive bloating) are also reasons why a person develops this phobia. Women seek out high colonics and enemas in order to avoid bloating and weight gain that often accompany constipation and some of them tend to abuse the use laxatives or they even adopt a diet that is high in fiber also to avoid the terrible symptoms of constipation. Sufferers may end up harming their bodies and health.

Coprastasophobic may manifest symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, anxiety and a sense of doom. Panic attacks takes place when they encounter some triggers. A common ritual with this phobia is they avoid certain foods and drinks that will bring about constipation. Education about nutrition and healthy ways in avoiding or stopping constipation are the best line of defense against the onset of coprastasophobia. Hypnosis is also thought as the easiest way in overcoming this phobia.

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