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Coprophobia (from Greek conpro, "feces") is the fear of feces. This fear might have been brought about by a bad experience in the past, such as when as a child, one was not allowed to go to the bathroom by a mean teacher and was unable to avoid pooping in his underwear inside the classroom. One might have also accidently stepped on dog poop while walking in the park and getting one’s favorite shoes all messy and dirty.

Another reason for the development of coprophobia is that fecal material is laden with germs and bacteria, thus this phobia can be linked to bacteriophobia, fear of germs and bacteria.

Coprophobes would avoid going to public toilets or going to parks where they think they might step on animal poop. They will put deodorizers in their bathrooms to mask the smell of poop and would do everything to disinfect after defecation.

This fear requires medical attention as soon as possible because it is essential to defecate at least once a day or once every couple of days. Psychotherapy and medications are most likely needed to combat this fear.

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