Coronophobia is the fear of coronavirus. Many people have developed this fear since December 2019 due to the pandemic outbreak which started in China at that time and worldwide the following months. This fear can be repelled with a therapist or doctor. People with this fear may overreact going to social places, like malls and grocery stores. Others may overexaggerate by buying excessive hand sanitizer and hygienic products. People with this condition may also stay more than 6-feet away from large groups.

|| To Stay Safe from COVID-19. Wash hands for at least 30 seconds after walking in public areas, touching handrails or store-bought items, and after shaking hands with someone. It is always safe to sing Happy Birthday twice and use SOAP and HOT WATER.

Symptoms[edit | edit source]

Like many people, they would use hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently, but they excessively clean their hands, even when not needed. They also follow the rule of two meters away from strangers but can overdo it. They can seem to hate Wuhan. These are common throughout elderly people.

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