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Cyberphobia, also known as logizomechanophobia, is the fear of or aversion to computers or new technologies. It is sometimes considered a branch of mediaphobia since computers are often used for assessing the media, as well as a branch of technophobia since computers are technological marvels.

There are different ways that someone could experience cyberphobia. Teachers may experience a form of cyberphobia if they are forced to change their way of teaching. Another way people may experience cyberphobia is if they feel that they are incompetent, or that the new technology is not needed to advance in life, or that they feel that they lack skills for the new age of technology. Another way people may experience cyberphobia is if they feel like they are going to lose control, or the new technology will affect their status in life.

It is also caused by negative experiences with computers, like someone hacked into their account or making mistakes that caused the computer to screw up.

Sufferers would avoid using computers and other technology. The ones who just suffered cyberphobia in the middle of the tasks may not finish the tasks and not back up files. Physiological symptoms of cyberphobia include excessive sweating, dry mouth, nausea, shaking, heart palpitations, and breathlessness.

Cyberphobia can be treated on their own, by learning new technologies a little bit at a time, doing simple tasks first, and using software that is most satisfying.

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