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Decidophobia (from Latin decido, "decision") is the fear of making decisions. Sufferers may fear the most about making a wrong decision. Decidophobes are bothered about their life being full of choices.

The cause of decidophobia is usually a bad experience with decision making in the childhood, like an unwise decision that led to devastating consequences or witnessing that result in another individual. As a result sufferers would stick with the majority of the status quo.

Some sufferers may feel slightly uncomfortable, become nauseated or begin to perspire when confronting with decision. At the opposite end of this spectrum, other people are so severely impacted by their fear of making a decision, that they can experience full blown panic and/or anxiety attacks with symptoms like heightened senses, rapid heartbeat, breathlessness, trembling, dizziness, feeling out of control, and intense perception of incoming disaster.

Decidophobia, if left untreated, could devastate the individual's life. There are several treatment options for decidophobia, including traditional talk therapy, self-help techniques, relaxation techniques, desenitisation therapy, exposure therapy, and hypnotherapy.

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