Diethnesystimamonadonophobia is the fear of the metric system (AKA Metrikosystimaphobia).


This fear may arise due to it being complex, and to some a symbol of global conformity. 

Individual Units[edit | edit source]

  • Monadametrisiphobia: fear of meters (Defined by distance light travels in 1/299792458 second)
  • Chiliogrammophobia: fear of kilograms (Defined by setting h to 6.62607015*10^-34 Js)
  • Oradefteriphobia: fear of seconds (Defined by taking the oscillation time of Cs133 and multiplying it by 9192631770)
  • Amperophobia: fear of amperes (Defined by the flow of 1/1.602176634×10^19 times the elementary charge e per second)
  • Moriakiousiaphobia: fear of moles (Defined by Avogadro's constant)
  • Kelviphobia: fear of kelvins (Defined by setting k to 1.380649*10^19 JK^-1)
  • Keriphobia: fear of candelas (Defined by the luminous intensity, in any given direction, emits monochromatic radiation of frequency 540000000000 Hz and posesses a radiant intensity of 1/683 watt per steradian)
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