Doxophobia (from Greek doxo meaning "glory" or "honor") is the fear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise. Sufferers may have self-esteem issues but the key issues is that this person wants to be away from anyone’s radar. This fear may arise due to comments that embarrass them. Doxophobes have high levels of success and having this fear does not mean an individual lacks skill.

The biggest symptom is avoidance of situations in which they will be praised, or prodded for their opinion. Other symptoms may include nausea, dizziness, the need to get away, air hunger, trembling or even weeping. Doxophobes would be difficult to cope with inflicting events of the past, both verbally and emotionally as a result of public praise or in expressing their opinion. A therapist can aid in learning the roots of fear and the ways the sufferer can fight it effectively.

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