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EASphobia (also known as subitisratioerectiphobia), is the fear of the FCC's regulated system, the Emergency Alert System...EASphobia is very common, especially among children and young teens. EASphobia also effects Canada's Alert Ready and Austraila's Emergency Alert Systems. EASphobia also can effect the former FCC alert system, the Emergency Broadcast System and the long-gone Conelrad system that was never used in the 50's and 60's for nuclear attacks. Some stations started to refuse FCC regulation to transmit EAS alerts in the early 2000's...resulting in lots of issues. WRTV of Indianapolis, IN got mad at Comcast for transmitting EAS alerts during a major tornado outbreak which took place on August 24, 2016. However, some former people with EASphobia have since grown more attached to the EAS...such as Wikia user SPCBlackfordCounty995Main (the one that created this article)


Tornado Warning North Carolina

A example of a EAS from 2004, DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVE EASPHOBIA!

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