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Emetophobia (from Greek emein, meaning vomit) is the fear of vomiting, watching others vomit, or of becoming nauseated. It is a common phobia as it is common for people to an act of vomiting is unpleasant. It is equally commonly suffered by all age groups, with many adult sufferers claim that they haven't been vomiting since childhood. Emetophobia is caused by the thing that fear, including a long bout of stomach flu, accidentally vomiting in public, witness someone else vomit, or hearing vomiting-esque sound, whether if there is vomit or not.

Sufferers of emetophobia commonly suffer cibophobia, fear of food, as well, since foods can sometimes cause people to vomit. So sufferers would limit the amount of food he/she eats and make sure that they eat the one's that are fresh or well-cooked. At night, some sufferers put towel on the pillow and bowl on the nightstand in case if they throw up. Emetophobes are reluctant to go out (let alone travel) or be with other people, as they're afraid that people could vomit in front of them.

How to cure fear of voming ?

Several treatments and solutions exist, allowing to cure emetophobia. They depend primarily on the person subject to the anxiety disorder, and their needs, and therefore on the protocol established with the clinical psychologist, who will treat the disorder.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) : Solution based on the patient’s action and his desire to gradually desensitize to everything that caused his anxiety disorders.

Hypnosis for emetophobia : The hypnosis sessions allow the patient with the disorder to recall and relive his trigger event internally. The role of the hypnotherapist or psychologist is to guide the patient,.

The Psychoanalytic Approach : It aims to shed light on the mechanisms of the anxiety phobic symptoms, by finding the buried and unconscious patterns and scenarios which give rise to the fear of vomiting.

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