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Enneaphobia (from Greek ennea meaning "nine") also known as nonaphobia (from Latin novem meaning "nine") is the fear of number nine. It is a rare phobia and it is not recognized by the medical literature.

Enneaphobia may commonly be triggered due to being disappointed of achieving near perfect scores or near-completions, like achieving 9/10 in the quiz often but rarely getting 10/10, while seeing a family member die less than a year before their new decade (e.g. dying at the age of 69).

Enneaphobia is usually not a severe phobia, but sufferers would often avoid the triggers. Enneaphobes would try to avoid encountering the number that ends with nine especially, e.g. 39, 449. A enneaphobe may not like to live in the house that has the address ending with nine. Sufferers would avoid look at prices as many of them ends with nine, while thinking that it should be one cent higher. Enneaphobes who are baseball fans would think that the games should last 10 innings instead of 9, and so they could lose interest in baseball. Sufferers may not mind to chronologically assign the age ending with nine.

Number nine is sometimes considered an unlucky number in Japan since the word nine in Japanese has similar pronunciation as their word meaning torture or suffering.

When 8-year-olds turn 9,they may still want to called an 8-year-old till they turn 10. Most people in Germany hate this number because it sounds like "Nein",one of Adolf Hitler's catchphrases.

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