Eodemtemporephobia (from Latin meaning "same time") is the fear caused by thoughts or feelings of time moving simultaneously slow and fast or otherwise conflicting rates of time. Eodemtemporephobia can cause a disturbing feeling of madness, panic and otherwise paralyzing fear. this fear can be experienced by both adults and children though it has a higher potential to be found in children who suffer early onset panic disorders as the thought and concept of time and mental chronological flexibility can fuel some of the most fear-inducing thoughts.

Common indirect fears: fear of celestial body components such as the rings of Saturn due to their stationary appearance and their calculable speed, fear of black holes due to their devastating effects on space/time and the theory in which those in a black hole would theoretically see time stop or slow almost to a halt while being pulled in at light to near light speeds, fear of music pacing/timing due to the anxiety produced when two sources of sound, physical, or visual stimuli are so out of sync that it reproduces the feeling of simultaneous and conflicting rates of time, fear of sleep or dreaming due to the nature of dreams and sleep to morph a persons concept or perception of time for the period of their REM cycle, fear of nuclear annihilation due to the concept of instantaneous death and the perception of every second up till that moment as your mind slows every millisecond down so while you are destroyed within a second it feels like impending doom lasting for what seems like minutes after the initial detonation.

Symptoms; restlessness, feeling of impending doom, hyperventilation, racing thoughts, increased heart-rate, fainting, paralysis, disassociation, jumbled or rapid speech, broken or jumbled thoughts, feeling lightheaded, feeling like the room is spinning around you, sinking or falling feeling

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