Geumaphobia (from Greek geuma meaning "taste"), or geumophobia, is the fear of taste. One cause of geumaphobia is frequent unpleasant tastes, especially when forced to. Some sufferers would say that we should not have taste. Many sufferers would fear even pleasant tastes, while some would only fear unpleasant tastes. Sufferers would only eat familiar items while not trying anything they haven't eaten before. Symptoms include nausea, tremors, and dread. It is often treated using systematic desensitization, relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy, and energy therapy.

Phobias of the five senses
Photophobia (fear of sight) · Phonophobia (fear of sounds) · Osmophobia (fear of odors) · Gaumaphobia (fear of taste) · Haphephobia (fear of touch)
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