Grandmathoraphobia is the fear of Grandma Thora from Arthur.

This can be caused (based on the author of this part this childhood) by feeling abused or the one being pressured by grandparents or mostly known as Toxic Grandparents. Since the child in this Toxic Grandparents story parents divorced when the child was 3 and the younger sibling of this child was 2. Let's just call the child Flower and the younger sibling minty. (no offence to anyone named that) The mom have full custody of Flower while her father full custody of Minty. Flower and Minty's mother nearly put both their father in Jail just to get full custody of Minty also. So Flower's mother moved in an apartment for a while Minty's dad move in with his mother. After a few months of the divorced Flower's mother decided to move on and started dating someone. Until she found out a year later Flower was not sure but thought he was cheating after she knew about the (her mother and the person her mother was dating) so Flower decided to take her mother's ex Key car and pretend nothing happened but this part get more weird her mother ex didn't even report it. Flower and her mother ended up staying in Flower grandmother (from mom) house. Everything started well with her grandparents, until

to be continued- due to laziness

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