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Graphophobia (from Greek grapho, "write" or "draw"), or scriptophobia (from Latin script, "write"), is the fear of writing or handwriting, especially when writing to the public. Graphophobia is usually developed from bad experiences with writing in the past, such as accidently writing wrong stuff on the report cards, applications, etc., and writing bad stuff on the assignments or projects that get ridiculed by it. Sufferers may doubt their ability to write well and experience intense fear that they will fail in writing, while others think that writing is not that important. These individuals may have tried to write and thought of it to be excellent, only to receive rejection and criticism.

Sufferers tend to have very poor handwriting, resulting in the difficulty or impossible read it what he/she write. They are not proud of anything they have written and will not want others to read them.

Symptoms of a graphophobic may vary but when confronted with fear, they tend to perspire, become anxious and become nauseated, as well as other symptoms of anxiety.

Graphophobia may be treated with the traditional “talk” therapy that'll teach a person to recognize and control their phobia. Self-help, support groups, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and relaxation techniques are some other strategies that can also be used.

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