Harpaxophobia is the fear of being robbed. Harpaxophobia is often caused by a traumatic experience in the past, specifically getting robbed, but it can also develop fear without a basic reason. The fear factors include high tendency of developing fear, getting nervous frequently, and adrenal insufficiency. Sufferers may want to live in an isolated home away from cities or towns while making sure that the home is well protected, especially by the use of home security system while keeping every outside doors locked.

The symptoms suffered by harpaxophobes include dry mouth, nausea, clammy hand, heart palpations, and feeling that legs turning into rubber band. A sufferer may suffer a panic attack when someone knocks on the front door or hearing creaking noises in the middle of the night.

It is currently impossible to cure the root causes, but present drugs can only suppress its symptoms, not the fear. Another treatment options are fixing the unconscious mind and replacing negative memory with positive ones.

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