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Hemophobia (or haemophobia) is an irrational fear of blood. It is commonly caused by trauma in early childhood where there was a lot of bleeding. The fear may also come about due to genetic and even social reasons. The most common thing sufferers would do is to avoid hurting themselves that may cause it to bleed; as a result some hemophobes may often fear getting injured (traumatophobia). They would also avoid taking blood tests and watching crime and horror films where blood are commonly seen. An unusual symptom of hemophobia is the loss of consciousness.

The standard approach to treating hemophobia is the same as with most other phobias - cognitive-behavioral therapy, desensitization, and possibly medications to help with the anxiety and discomfort. In recent years, the technique known as applied tension, applying tension to the muscles in an effort to increase blood pressure, has increasingly gained favor as an often effective treatment for hemophobia associated with drops in blood pressure and fainting.

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