Heortophobia (from Greek heortḗ, "holiday") is an irrational fear of holidays. Holidays are occasions when people celebrate. People who suffer fear of religions (theophobia) can often trigger heortophobia as many holidays are religious celebrations.

Different nationality and cultures celebrate holidays differently. People who suffer this phobia can often trigger sociophobia, because holiday celebrations often involves getting together with people. Heortophobes may want to avoid celebrating holidays while feeling anxious when holiday is coming.

This phobia is often treated by teaching sufferers that holidays are good celebrating events, and then have sufferers celebrate holidays, which often help relieve fear effectively. Christmas is the best first holiday for sufferers to celebrate.

The most common specific holiday phobia is samhainophobia, fear of Halloween.

Holiday phobias
Christougenniatikophobia (fear of Christmas) · Gratiarophobia (fear of Thanksgiving) · Libertatophobia (fear of Independence Day) · Neoannophobia (fear of New Year) · Paschaphobia (fear of Easter) · Patricophobia (fear of St. Patrick's) · Samhainophobia (fear of Halloween) · Valentinophobia (fear of Valentine's)
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