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Hodophobia (from Latin hodo, "travel") is the fear of travel. People fear travel because of the unpleasant feeling of being in unfamiliar places far away from homes or feeling bored of waiting to get there. Hodophobia is often linked with fears of flying, cruise ships, driving, and trains. Claustrophobia (fear of small spaces) and periculophobia (fear of taking risks) are common triggers of this phobia.

Symptoms of hodophobia include shaking, sweating, crying, gastrointestinal distress and headaches. In addition, hodophobia often makes it difficult to plan events during a trip. People may have tough time navigating the airport or cruise terminal, deal with checking their luggage, follow security procedures, and wait patiently in the event of a delay. Sufferers may get confused when checking into a hotel room, reading a map or deciding where to eat.

Sufferers can overcome this phobia by learning how to prepare to travel as well as learning the strategies while there. Therapy methods include psychotherapy and relaxation techniques.

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