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Hygrophobia (from Greek hygros, "wet", "moist") is the fear of liquids, dampness, and moisture. This fear might have been brought about being burned by a liquid chemical, experience of near drowning or having to lose a loved one due to a natural calamity such as tsunamis. Dampness is another element included in the fear and that could be linked to things like sweating, incontinence or other bodily leakage. The embarrassment experienced in these instances can leave a lasting impression towards fear.

An individual with this fear may insist on living in dry climates with as little rainfall as possible. They may drink liquid, but may insist it only be via a straw. They may either sponge bath or shower, but will not likely take a full bath. These individuals will also be especially vigilant about any bit of moisture they may find in their home.

Psychotherapy may help persons with this phobia cope with their fear because water is something that is in us and we cannot avoid.

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