Iatrophobia is a phobia where people are scared of seeing a doctor, no matter how urgently they need it, putting their lives at risk. It can be more difficult to treat than other more usual phobias, some people may have opted to commit suicide, like one elderly man who committed suicide instead of seeing a blemish on his nose from a misdiagnosis.

This phobia is common among children, although some adults do experience this phobia, anywhere on their lives. The meaning of Iatro means healer in Greek, and some people who suffer from this phobia will try to delay seeking medical attention. It is also known as white coat hypertension.

Causes[edit | edit source]

  • Doctors are accompanied with vaccines and injections. You can see from the fear of needles as emetophobia.
  • Doctors are involved in hospital environments associated with trauma or death. Children can also develop Iatrophobia from traumatic events with doctors.

Bad doctors are incredibly rare, as most doctors are meant to save lives, not harm them. But there were cases of bad doctors in the United States, but luckily, bad doctors are often reported to police by other doctors or the hospital themselves. You can tell from YouTube videos through actual evidence of bad doctors causing deaths, but cases of bad doctors have stayed uncommon among the hospital setting. There are websites available to see how to deal with a bad doctor, and they range in methods. The most common forms of bad doctors were doctors who were unlicensed. Meanwhile, bad doctors are automatically fired and rejected to be replaced with better doctors. Unlicensed doctors will preform botched operations resulting in deaths.

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