Kenophobia is the fear of voids or empty spaces. This fear can be passed on from the parents wherein they have lived in a house full of stuff that may be viewed by others as a clutter but for that household it makes fills the emptiness of the home. Filling voids gives the phobic personality the feeling that they are placing boundaries around themselves. For them, an open space can mean emptiness and being alone and this phobia is closely associated with fear of solitude. Sufferers would stay in the small cramped room and not leaving the own residence.

Symptoms of Kenophobia include tremors, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, loss of control, urge to flee empty spaces, nausea and fainting. Kenophobia can be treated by teaching patients how to overcome triggers without being scared by it, in this case empty spaces. Empty spaces pose no threat to people, so kenophobia is not difficult to treat.

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