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Kosmikophobia is the fear of cosmic phenomena, e.g. meteor showers, supernovae, auroral lights, and even solar and lunar eclipses. Causes of fear include watching the movie about cosmic events causing catastrophe on Earth, such as Armageddon which plots about an asteroid impact, and learning the scenarios about cosmic imp

Kosmikophobes would typically isolate themselves from societies while keeping it on the sky for incoming objects heading towards Earth or cosmic events that might pose danger to planet Earth and its peoples. Kosmikophobes would only go outside for good view of much of the sky.

The first step of treatment may be by asking themselves how many people have been killed or injured by a cosmic phenomenon. Then therapists can aid in treatment by giving them strategies how to understand and manage the fear and then determine the root causes of it and other related fears.

Space phobias
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