Lateriphobia (from Latin lateri, "brick") is the fear of Legos. This term was coined by Kaleb Palmer in 2015. Lateriphobia can be born with, or acquired from difficult or terrifying experiences with Legos, such as accidentally deconstructing then fixing it. Because small, tight spaces in Lego set is common, the fear would have similar reaction as claustrophobia. In extreme cases, lateriphobia can cause hysteria for those with the disorder. Sufferers may feel like the Legos are trying to harm them and do what they can to either destroy or escape the Legos. To an observer, the patient may seem like they're insane, but to the patient, it may feel like a rational reaction. It is recommended to keep Legos away from the sufferers.

Lateriphobia is a branch of crepundiaphobia, fear of toys.

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