Phobia Wiki
Game Title Type Animals in Game Notes

Superman 64

Third Person Platformer Only technical bugs, no real ones
50 Years
9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors Puzzle
Age of Empires Series RTS Cows, Pigs
Alien Isolation Horror alien, facehugger, human
Alien Swarm
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Horror
Antichamber Puzzle/FPS None
ARK Survival Evolved Survival Dinosaurs, Insects, alligators Dragonflies and flying ants, but no butterflies
ARMA 3 MilSim
Bad Rats Puzzle Rats They are bad.
Banished Survival, City Builder Cows, Chickens, Deer, Sheep Safe
banner saga
Basement Stratagy Humans Meth lab cooking, managment.
Battle Block Theatre Platform Cats Can turn small creatures off in options, Butterfly Kog'maw skin
Battlefield 4 FPS
Battletoads Toads, rats, pigs, sharks
Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Tower defense None None
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare FPS
Child of Light
Cities: Skylines City Builder Dogs
Civ V Turn-based strategy Horses, elephants, foxes, whales, fish, birds, sheep, deer Birds are white and small, but don't look like butterflies
Clustertruck Platformer
Clustertruck First-Person Arcade
Cook, Serve, Delicious
Cookie Clicker Clicker None Only grandmas and aliens alongside choco factories, nothing ectra
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FPS Chickens, pidgeons. Butterfly wings and eyes on creatures an option, no literal ones though. possible pics on de_overpass
Crusader Kings 2 Grand Strategy Horses
Crypt of the Necrodancer Roguelite
Dangerous Golf Sports - Golf
Deadcore Speedrunner None There are "mosquito" robots but they don't even look like bugs
Democracy 2 Strategy is non-negotiable (lol)
Depth Horror, Stealth Sharks
Devil Daggers
Dishonored Stealth, FPS Rats, flies?
Don't Starve (+Together) Survival 100% there are butterflies
Doom FPS
Door Kickers Strategy
Duck Game Definitely no Ducks here.
Elite: Dangerous Space "sim" Thargoids (?)
Empire: Total War RTS Horses
EU IV Grand Strategy Horse Cavalry
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Driving Other Drivers
EVE Online Other players :(
Eve Online MMO none
Factorio Simulation / strategy Worm-like aliens, fish
Fallout 3/4 Rpg No butterflies, but there are other insects (like big bloatflies or giant ants)
Fallout: New Vegas Rpg Cazadores, Deathclaws, Roaches Cazadors are mutated butterfly/wasp.
FIFA Sports snake(Di Maria)
Frozen Synapse Strategy
FTL Roguelike Mantis
Garrys Mod Social Depends on server/mod played
Gratuitous Space Battles
Grid Racing None Only creatures are human in the crowd
Grid 2 Racing None Only creatures are human in the crowd
Grid Autosport Racing None Only creatures are human in the crowd
Gunpoint Puzzle, Stealth none
Half-Life FPS roaches, aliens
Half-Life 2 FPS Birds, more aliens Don't finish Episode 2 if you can't stand unresolved cliffhangers
Her Story
hotline miami Shooter Occasional doggo
Invisible Inc
Kane & Lynch Collection TPS
Keep talking and nobody explodes Puzzle None
Kerbal Space Program Spaceflight simulator aliens
Kerbal Space Program Simulation
Killing Floor Mutlti Player No Butterflies
Killing Floor 2 Fps horror survival Zombie spider There are flies that look like dots and there is a lot of MONEY
Legend of Grimrock
LUFTRAUSERS Bullet hell N/A (battleships, jet fighters, blimp indie
Mad Games Tycoon
Mad Max RPG Lizards, rats, maggots You eat them
Majesty RTS, Simulation Bears, Yetis, Wolves, Rocs, Spiders, Vargs, Dragons Safe
Mario Bros games Platformer Ghosts, assorted flying turtles, goombas
Mario Kart Racing
Mass Effect Series RPG alien cows and robot monkeys, 'seeker swarms' but they look more like bees
Mega Man X action sidescroller
Metro 2033 FPS/adventure Underground monsters, bats, dogs, monsters (are they animals?) Only flying stuff are bats, but they can be scary
MGS V The Phantom Pain Butterflies in cutscenes, emblem designs.
Minecraft Sandbox Rabbits, Cows, Horses, Pigs, Chickens if you start playing with mod, some mod have butterflies
Monaco: Whats Yours is Mine Stealth No Butterflies
Mortal Kombat X Fighting game D'vorah I would check out D'vorah before showing her to your gf, she can spit bugs
N++ ninja None
Neverwinter Nights
nidhogg Fencing worm creature
OOTP 17 Sports Sim None
Outlast Survival Horror Clean of butterflies but filled with cannibals and murderers
Overwatch FPS Zenyatta once dreamt he was a butterfly
Overwatch FPS No Butterflies
Pac-Man Single Player No Butterflies
Papers, Please RPG Humans
Party Hard Stealth, Pixel Bears, Horses, Otherworldy Tentacle Creatures No Butterflies in base levels, Steam Workshop is free domain tho
Payday 2 FPS Only butterfly related masks (cosmetic, DLC, unlocks via achivments, barely anyone uses it), goats
Planet Coaster Theme Park Builder
Poly Bridge
Pong Arcade
Pool Nation
Portal Cube Really fun game
Portal puzzle none
Portal 2 Puzzle/FPS Deer (offscreen) Really fun game
Portal 2 puzzle Birds
Powder toy Physics sandbox, pixel-based there are no birds or ants in TPT, You're thinking of Powder Game. Everythings is pixelized so even if there were butterflies they would be pixels
Prison Architect
Race the Sun Arcade None
Race the Sun Arcade Birds? I haven't seen any butterflies, If there are any, they'd be extremely low-poly.
Rainbow Six: Siege FPS
Red Eclipse FPS None Only space-ninjas shooting each other
Rimworld Survival Dogs, Cows, Wild animals, Some insects but none that fly
Road to Ballhalla
Rocket League Car/sports Cars Antenna toppers come in all variety of objects
Rust Survival MMO Boar, Bear, Deer, Elk Kill the animal, cook the meat, eat the meat
Satellite Reign Real-time Strategy None, unless there's some in the final level (haven't beaten, can someone confirm?)
shovel knight
Shower With Your Dad Simulator Simulation
Solitaire Card game None Totally safe
SOMA Single Player No Butterflies
Space Engineers Sandbox Wolves, Mechanical Spiders (Both optional) Firefly-like effect (floating lights), Early Access
Spec Ops: The Line TPS
Spelunky Indie Platformer Spiders, snakes, frogs
Splinter Cell Blacklist Stealth Dogs
Spore Simulation Butterfly wings and eyes on creatures an option, no literal ones though.
Square Brawl
Star Wars Battlefront 2 3rd person shooter Aliens
Starcraft 1,2 RTS Zergs Zerglings are vaguely roach-like, Zerg in general is insectoid
Stellaris Grand Strategy Alien Butterfly
Street Fighter II Fighting
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Fighting
Subnautica Exploration Fish, Sharks, Fishsharks
Super Hexagon Arcade None
Super Meat Boy Platformer
Super Mega Baseball Sports None
Take on Mars Rover Simulator
team fortress 2 FPS butterfly knifes
Team Fortress 2 Team based FPS Some mammals for decor, spycrabs
Team Fortress 2 Multi Player No Butterflies
Tera MMO Pretty certain in Sylvari areas there are butterflies
Tetris Puzzle None
The Binding of Isaac Rogue like dungeon crawler Assorted mainly focusing on human mutations Features butterflies! Beware!
The Division Third Person Shooter/MMO Birds, Dogs, Rats
The Long Dark No Butterflies
The Stanley Parable Walking simulator Puppy
The Swapper
The Talos Principle Puzzle none Pretty sure no butterflies?
Thief Town
Thomas Was Alone Platformer Boxes
Titanfall 2 FPS
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Warfare Strategy Chickens
Tron 2.0
Tropico 5 City Builder
Ultra Street Fighter IV Fighting
Universe Sandbox 2 Physics Simulator There are presumably butterflies on the surface of earth
VA-11 Hall-A Visual novel/bartender Cats and dogs
VVVVVV Platformer None
Watch Dogs 2 Open-World
XCOM Strategy
XCOM Tactical TBS No Butterflies
XCOM 2 Strategy
Parkour Platformer