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Grey bunnies

Leporiphobia is the fear of bunnies. It is one of the most common phobias in the Western Hemisphere. Leporiphobia usually begins in women who tend to drink a lot, and crash their cars.

People with leporiphobia will, by any means necessary, stay away from any area they believe to be inhabited by numerous bunnies or covered in vegetation that may be suitable for bunny consumption. If they see a bunny they will refuse to enter the general vicinity until they overcome the severe panic attack that is always associated with it. Leporiphobia is one of the most common triggers for paschaphobia, the fear of Easter, meaning they would typically not want to celebrate Easter.

Like most phobias the fear can be overcome by psychological treatments (such as shock therapy) and through gradual exposure to the object. Another technique is "flooding", in which the screaming phobic person is suddenly exposed to a high intensity stimulus (such as at a petting zoo).

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