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Leukophobia (from Greek leuko, "white") is fear of the color white, subclass of Chromophobia, fear of colors. The causes of Leukophobia include bad experiences with winter sports as snow is white. Another trigger is fear of marriage for women, because white is the usual color of bridal dress some people will change how they live because they wont be able to live like others because of the phobia they have.

Leukophobia sufferers would want to live in a darker, colorful home and wear colorful clothes while not drinking milk (unless flavored and colored) nor taking prescription pills that are white. Those people may suffer anxiety (like feeling trapped or restlessness) when encountering a lot of white, like in a white room or out in the snow.

Leukophobia often takes the form of a fixation on pale skin. Those with the phobia may make implausible assumptions such as paleness necessarily representing ill health or a ghost. In other cases, leukophobia is directed more towards the symbolic meaning of whiteness, for instance in individuals who associate the color white with chastity and are opposed to or fear chastity.

Leukophobia is treated using behavioral therapy, used to teach patients not to fear about the color then fix the problem using a known cause.

In Paul Beatty's novel Slumberland, leukophobia refers to reverse racism.

Sufferers would avoid eating white chocolate, onion insides, etc.

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