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Lingophobia (from the Latin word lingo, meaning "lick", and Greek phobos, "fear"), sometimes known as lambophobia (from the Latin word lambo, meaning "lick", and Greek phobos, "fear"), is the fear of being licked. Many sufferers think that getting licked may result in diseases as tongues contain disease-causing bacteria on it. If they get licked they would immediately wash off the surface that was licked thoroughly using a good soap. They would stay away from animals that may lick them and would not have pets. He/she may dread when a person in front of them sticks their tongue out. And sufferers won’t have food completely on tongue!

Symptoms of lingophobia include rapid heartbeat, breathlessness, nausea, loss of control, and excessive thoughts about licking. Lingophobia can commonly be treated using psychotherapy and exposure therapy.

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