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Medomalacuphobia or medomalacophobia (from Greek malaco, "softness") is the fear of losing an erection. Erectile dysfunction is a common issue for men as this can cause embarrassment or can be degrading to males especially when they can’t satisfy their partners, thereby leading to this fear. This fear can be linked to the fear of ridicule. The act of lovemaking is the most crucial and most vulnerable act known to mankind and a threat of being ridiculed in this moment can cause some men to stay away from intercourse rather than be frustrated and be ridiculed. This fear can be especially acute if the individual was ridiculed by their partner. If that is the case, it can have damaging consequence for a man who may already live with feelings of inadequacy and personal vulnerability. When a person fears losing an erection, they will usually avoid a potential sex partner and might even view themselves as worthless or defective. Symptoms of medomalacuphobia may include trembling, urge to flee or panic attacks and even turn down suddenly during foreplay.

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