Melanoplanitiphobia is the fear of black planets.

Earth: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K

Mercury/Venus/Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune: Awww!

Sun: So cute!

Jupiter: This is one of those magic moments!

*Nibiru hits Earth*

Jupiter: Thats the kid that bit baby earth at school!

Black Planet: Nibiru! you come back here!

Black Planet: Hi i wanted this little guy to come back and say he's sorry for biting your baby in school.

Sun: Awww!

Jupiter: Well thats awfully nice of you!

Black Planet: Well go ahead and say it.

Nibiru: I'm sorry.

*Nibiru hits Earth*

Earth: Hey! I thought you were sorry!

Nibiru: I was! That means i get to do it again!

Sun: Listen, I think you did the right thing by coming here but now maybe you gotta leave

Black Planet: I'm sorry did you just tell me to go?

Nibiru: Is it because were black?

Black Planet: I think it is

Sun: No! of course not!

Black Planet: You dont like us because you can see our lava

Jupiter: Hey, lava is great we all got a lot of love for lava

Nibiru: Ah! so its just that blue electricity that freaks you out?

Earth: No its because you keep hitting me!

Black Planet: I hear a lot of blah blah blah but I noticed that there isn't a single black planet among you.

Nibiru: Racist!

Saturn: Oh! Were not racist!

Mars: Yeah we have tons of black friends!

Black Planet: Like who?

Neptune: Uh? Space?

Black Planet: Space doesn't count!

Mars: The black hole. He's our friend!

Venus: No he isn't!

Mars: Glorious! Hey! Black Hole!

Black Hole: Did somebody call?

Black Planet: Did you know these racists?

Black Hole: Well, full disclosure. I did try to eat them on several occasions

Black Hole: But now that your telling me there racists, I'm not sure how i feel.

Jupiter: Were not racists! It may be true that none of us is black but were still a diverse group!

Jupiter: Some of us are made out of gas.

Mars: Some of us are made out of rock.

Saturn: Some of us have rings.

Venus: Some of us have mustaces.

Earth: Some of us are babies.

Sun: And some of us are on fire.

Jupiter: But the one thing that we all have in common is that we make choices. And were responsible for the choices we make.

Jupiter: It's not what we look like it's whats inside of us.

Nibiru: Do you mean by molten iron?

Jupiter: Kinda, but with the added concepts of choice and responsibility.

Nibiru: Hmmm... Whats inside you?

Black Hole: Oh lots of stuff! Alien worlds, Spaceships, It's like a party in here!

Nibiru: Sounds tasty!

*Black Hole eats Nibiru*

*Black Hole burps*

Black Hole: That tasted like a licorice with a battery inside.

Black Planet: How could you let that happen!? I bet if little nibiru were covered in glaciers, you would have saved him!

Sun: The way he looks has nothing to do with it! If you weren't so busy arguing with us, maybe your kid wouldn't have been eaten by a black hole!

*Black Hole eats Earth*

Sun: Oh boy.

Black Hole: Somethings been given me indegestion, I think it's that freaky blue electricity.

*Earth and Nibiru get out of Black Hole*

Black Hole: Oh, classic Black Hole. take too much and spoil a good thing, I only eat because I hate myself.

All: WOW!

Sun: When the black hole left, he made ripples in space.

Neptune: Trippy!

Sun: If you like that then your gonna love this! If i can just find the right angle, There!

Others: Wow!


Earth: Well, arguments about racism and black holes, have some things in common.

Nibiru: Whats that?

Earth: They both suck! And I never want to be in one again!

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