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Metathesiophobia or metaphobia (from Greek meta, "change") is the fear of changes. Sufferer of this fear may not want anything different from what they already have. These individuals may have a comfort zone that they do not wish to disrupt by bringing anything unfamiliar into their lives.

The fear may be developed due to pampering, coddling, and overall psychological weakness. If an individual grew up in the home of someone who had this fear, then that person may likely develop this fear as well.

Some individuals with this fear see change as time moving forward too fast and it often scares them. 

Individuals with this fear may have severe social anxiety because they are too mentally weak to accept people over long periods of time, or get over certain events. They may even bully, assault, or cause grievous bodily harm to others if their comfort is disrupted. Metathesiophobes may feel highly rejected by others. 

since suicidal thoughts or behavior may occur as a result, involuntary commitment, heavy antipsychotics, or even lobotomy may be required. Despite these measures, many people end up committing suicide, which is the possible reason many metathesiophobes are ignored. Many mental health experts advocate quitting on metathesiophobes, stating they are severely mentally ill. 

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