Meteophobia (from the French word météo, meaning "weather", and Greek phobos, "fear") is the fear of weather. There are a variety of weather-related causes of this general phobia, like severe storms, snow, cold, heat, and droughts that may cause suffering. Sufferers would separate themselves from the outside world by staying in the building while having drapes closed on all windows at all times. If it's raining or storming outside, they would hide in the interior room while having their ears plugged.

Weather phobias
Aestophobia (fear of hot weather) · Agripyrophobia (fear of wildfires) · Anemophobia (fear of winds) · Antlophobia (fear of flooding) · Ariditaphobia (fear of droughts) · Ceraunophobia (fear of thunder and lightning) · Chionophobia (fear of snow) · Chionothyellaphobia (fear of blizzards) · Cyclonophobia (fear of tropical cyclones) · Cymophobia (fear of waves) · Frigoriphobia (fear of cold weather) · Grandophobia (fear of hail) · Homichlophobia (fear of fog) · Humidophobia (fear of humidity) · Nephophobia (fear of clouds) · Nivisphobia (fear of avalanches) · Ombrophobia (fear of rain) · Pluvifrigophobia (fear of freezing rain) · Tempestaphobia (fear of storms) · Serenophobia (fear of fair weather) · Turbophobia (fear of tornadoes)
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