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Mysophobia (from Greek mysos, "dirt") is the fear of being contaminated with dirt/germs, or dirt/germs themselves. Other terms for this phobia are molysmophobia/molysomophobia (fear of Template:Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk(fear of germs), spermatophobia/spermophobia (fear of germs), and rupophobia (fear of dirt). Sufferers would wash hands constantly, almost everytime when he/she touches something that could be contaminated, as well as cleaning especially with the use of disinfectants. The most exclusive cause of mysophobia is getting real sick and then learning that germs are the culprit. Dirt may associate with germs, since germs thrive more readily in dirty environments than in clean environments. So sufferers would stay in clean environments to reduce catching dirt and germs. The phobia is most often treated using cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Mysophobia is not to be confused with misophobia, which is fear of hatred.

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