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Nelophobia (also known as hyelophobia or hyalophobia) is the fear of glass. The most fearful aspect of glass is its fragility, meaning it breaks easily into shards that can cause injury. Many glass phobia sufferers also fear windows, meaning nelophobes would not go near windows. Due to the ease of breaking, sufferers would not use glass dishes, and do not even have displays made of glass.

The root causes of glass phobia include witnessing someone falling through the window, automobile accident involving window shattering, hail pummeling while on the road, and even people throwing glassy objects.

Symptoms felt by nelophobes may include a rise in body temperature, sweating, fainting, nausea, rapid heartrate, air hunger, anger, panic attacks, and loss of internal functions for severe sufferers.

A branch of nelophobia is spasmenagaliaphobia, a fear of broken glass.

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