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Neoannophobia (from neos, Greek for "new", and annus, Latin for "year") is the fear of New Year. New Year often ring in optimism to many folks, but some may fear for the failure and misery in the new year. People may fail their new year resolutions or they may have miserable year, which may lead to neoannophobia. The fear is especially common by elderly people as each new year would level closer to their end days. Another reason for neoannophobia is fear of advancing technologies and inventions as each new year bring new inventions and upgrade technologies, especially by older people who are all used to live in more classical days.

Neoannophobes would feel increasingly more anxious as the year winds down and feel extremely anxious on New Year's Eve. They would not celebrate New Year while not watching festivities on TV. Sufferers would often feel apprehended during the beginning of the year until they get used to it. They feel most relaxed during spring and summer months then anxiety starts kicking during the autumn then levelling up as it goes on.

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